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a tray of frozen tomatoes

Easiest way to freeze Tomatoes


Flash Freeze your excess summer tomatoes to cook or can later.


Tomatoes!! Any kind and as many or as few as you have at the moment.


  • First step is to gently wash the tomatoes and remove the stems. I don’t core them, because I’m going to run them through my food mill (affiliate link) later when it’s time to make sauce.
  • Once rinsed, I pack them into a sheet pan lined with parchment paper. Then I place the sheet pan of fresh tomatoes into the freezer for at least 24 hours.
  • I mix all my tomatoes together. I don’t separate by variety. Here you see Romas, Mushroom basket, and Genovese tomatoes. Like I said, I grow several varieties

a tray of frozen tomatoes

  • Placing the fruit on a tray and freezing like this is called Flash Freezing.
  • After an over night rest, I pull the frozen tomatoes from the freezer, and place them into 2 gallon sized freezer bags. (affiliate link) Then I put those freezer bags into my deep freeze in the garage.
  • When I have several bags of frozen tomatoes, I will weigh them on a scale in my garage. Generally, once I have 30 or 40 pounds worth of frozen tomatoes, I’m ready to start canning them.


To learn more about properly freezing and using fresh produce, I recommend the book Freeze Fresh by Crystal Schmidt. (affiliate link) Very informative and wonderful recipes with beautiful photography.