Easy Knit Coffee Cozies

Have fun knitting coffee cozies inspired by the magic of winter. Knit Coffee Cozies pair perfectly with your travel cup.

The holidays are a season of giving, so today I’ve got an awesome gift for you! Keep reading for a free knitting pattern for these super cute and oh so easy to knit coffee cozies.

You could settle for using cardboard sleeves, but don’t you want something special? Of course you do! That’s why I created adorable, quick knit coffee cozies designed to show off your favorite colors.

four travel coffee cups wearing different knitted sleeves
Lovely colors and designs for your travel cup. Could be for your favorite team or your House Colors.

You can certainly blend in with the crowd and use their oh so ordinary sleeve. But I know you better than that. You are someone born to stand out. Someone who wants to make a statement.

You’re someone who daydreams about finding the easiest, yummiest cookie recipes and all the coolest little handmade gifts. 

Which is exactly what we do here!

Case in point:

closeup of hands holding a travel coffee cup wearing a knitted coffee sleeve
If Harry Potter used a travel mug, this would his Coffee Cozy.

These coffee cozies make a fun stocking stuffer, or something a little extra for your car pool BFF, or even that cute guy you make eyes at every morning on the train platform. Surprise them all with handmade knit coffee cozies!

travel cup with hand knit cozy

Knit Coffee Cozies are perfect for so many reasons. Here’s why you’ll love making them:

  1. Perfect portable project, so it’s great travel or train commute knitting.
  2. This is a quick knit project, so you can make up several as gifts.
  3. This project uses so little yarn, you could make several gifts from just two skeins!
  4. Pair your knit with a reusable travel  cup and a gift card, and you’ve just created the most amazing gift set for the coffee obsessed person in your life.
  5. Make them in any color combination you choose…like school colors or a favorite team also works. It’s very customizable for your friends and family.

Really, when you’re looking for ideas for quick and fun gift projects, what could be better than this?

four travel cups all wearing knitted sleeves

Ok, so how do we actually knit these coffee cozy sweaters?

For three of the cozies, I pretty much knitted the same kind of pattern.

  • Use your favorite worsted weight of yarn. That’s a 4 weight yarn.
  • Using a size 6US cable knitting needle with a 40″ cable
  • Cast On 44 stitches
  • Knit 10 rounds in each color
  • This uses three color blocks knitting in K2P2 ribbing.
  • I used the Magic Loop method.
  • Bind off using a super stretchy bind off.

You will love knitting small projects with magic loop. Your knitting never falls off the needles like it sometimes can with dpns, so it really is the perfect mobile technique. Whether you’re taking a road trip or jet setting across the country, having an easy, mobile project is worth its weight in gold.

close up of travel cup fitted with a knitted sleeve
Show your colors with your custom knitted coffee sleeve

Here’s how to knit coffee cozies with narrow stripes :

With worsted weight yarn and using a size 6 US knitting needle, CO (44 stitches) as the other pattern. Knit in k2p2 pattern.

  • 6 rounds Blue
  • 2 rounds Silver
  • 2 rounds Blue
  • 2 rounds Silver
  • 10 rounds Blue
  • 2 rounds Silver
  • 2 rounds Blue
  • 2 rounds Silver
  • 6 rounds Blue
  • Bind off stitches in a stretchy bind off

There you have it! That’s how to set up the stripe. I want to see this one in other colors, because I love it so much.

Follow a method for jogless joins will ensure smooth transitions.

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