Best scarf knitting pattern for beginners. It’s EASY.

Learn to knit and make this easy scarf knitting pattern for beginners.

You’ve decided this is the year that you’ll finally learn how to knit. You picture charming baskets of fluffy yarn and mugs of warm tea while warming your toes by a crackling fire. Then it happens. The overwhelm and the confusion kicks in. What should I make? What yarn is best? How do I pick out knitting needles? Why is following a pattern so hard? Why did I decide to do this anyway?

You drown your emotions in a pile of Krispy Kreme donuts while thinking, “I’m so confused I don’t even know where to start.”

I get it. I’ve been there. It’s why I’m going to show you how to knit and show you that you can make this easy scarf from the free knitting pattern designed for beginners. (I’m so sorry for that. Google makes me do it.)

Because if you can learn some basics, some foundational skills, you can knit AND enjoy the process.

smiling young woman shows off a chunky knitted scarf

Did you know that a simple scarf can be extremely versatile? If you knit your scarf just a little bit longer than usually suggested, it gives you many options. Check out all the fun ways you can wear your brand new knitted scarf with style.

A grey scarf is a perfect accessory, and something you will be able to wear it when you’re done.

  1. It matches everything.
  2. It can be dressed up or down.
  3. It always looks chic.
  4. It looks good on everybody.

Dish cloths are nice, but they will never be THIS….

young woman wears long knitted scarf with ends knotted

So while I believe knitting a scarf is the ideal first project, I don’t think it should be just any old yarn and needles. I recommend heavier weight yarn, knit on specific needles, in a very particular pattern and in a specific color.

Why am I so nit picky about what you use for this project? I’m so glad you asked!

  1. The grey yarn I recommend allows you to actually see your work! Being able to see your stitching is very important.
  2. Wool content is critical. It gives much nicer stitch definition so you can, you guessed it, see your work!
  3. Heavier weight yarn is ideal for beginners. It’s easier to handle and, once again, you can see your work! Are you noticing a pattern here?
  4. This is a pretty long scarf, so it gives you time to get used to making the stitches. Developing muscle memory for the stitching is how we learn. It’s how we improve our tension over time which is what gives us neat, even fabric. So taking the time to get super comfortable making the knit stitch is important. It’s the foundation for all of your future knitting.
  5. When the project is all done, you have something you will love and actually get to use! It will keep you snuggly warm on chilly days.

Always remember that knitting is not a race. It’s a process.

stylish young man demonstrates a wrapped scarf around his neck posing in from of a street art mural

What will you need to start your knitting journey?

A great pattern is super important. The link to this one is just below.

You’ll need a few skills:

It might look like a long list and feel like a LOT of things. And if you take it all in at once then it is. So, take it step by step and focus only on one task at a time. The pattern will give you instructions, and if you do what it says, and use the videos for each step I believe and declare that you will find yourself knitting away!

So don’t give up on that cozy, fire side dream just yet. The picture below will take you to a free knitting pattern for this scarf project.

stylish young man demonstrates a wrapped scarf around his neck posing in from of a street art mural

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