How to Make Yarn Pom Poms

The perfect little embellishment. The most adorable topper to a knitted hat. A sweet cat toy. These all have something in common! Can you guess? In case you were wondering, we are going to talk about how to make yarn pom poms today.

Let’s get right into this. There are a bunch of ways to make yarn pom poms. You can use fork tines or make a pattern from cardboard. They are perfectly fine, but not great. In my opinion, anyway. So how do we make the prettiest fluffiest pom poms?

A blonde model in a black hat with cat makeup is holding a multi color jumbo pom pom

To make the best looking yarn pom poms, we use a special tool. My favorite is the Clover brand pom pom maker. I have it 5 sizes including the jumbo that I used to make that enormous one in the picture above. What I love about using the pom pom maker as opposed to a piece of cardboard is the beautiful consistency it allows.

If you are making a garland, or a wreath, or maybe you just knitted several hats for a market, then you need your pom poms to be consistent. A pom pom maker is going to give you your best results.

Yarn choice plays a big part in how your yarn pom poms will look in the end. The more twist in a yarn the more tightly packed the pom pom is going to look. The less twist, as in the case of a super bulky weight roving style yarn, the more fur like the pom pom will look

3 pom poms are lined up from smallest to largest

The 3  Poms pictures above were made using different sizes of Pom Pom Makers. I used the smallest to the Super Jumbo sizes. The yarn in the middle is 100% roving wool and the other two are acrylic yarns. The yarn selection will determine what the Pom looks like just like the choice of yarn impacts your knitting or crochet project.

Let’s get down to the brass tacks on how to make a yarn pom pom.

Wrap the Pom Pom makers very tight with yarn. Personally, I do not like a skimpy little Pom Pom. I like them big and fat and luxurious. Pom Poms are usually a focal point so they should be divine.

golden yellow yarn with a medium pom pom maker
Match your yarn weight to the appropriate sized pom pom maker. Skinnier yarn = Smaller pom pom maker
golden yellow yarn with a medium pom pom maker with yarn wrapped on the maker
Open the maker and wrap both sides tightly with yarn. Then close.
golden yellow yarn with a medium pom pom maker posed with pink scissors
Use sharp scissors to cut the wraps on the pom pom maker.
hands using scissors to cut wraps on a pom pom maker
Follow the channel with the edge of your scissors as you cut.
golden yellow yarn with a medium pom pom maker with fully cut yarn wraps and scissors
When all the wraps are cut, wrap a long piece of yarn (or hemp string) to secure the cut pieces together.
model holds jumbo multi colored pom pom in front of her
Give your pom pom a good trim, and enjoy!

Hopefully that walks you through the steps in how to make yarn pom poms, but if you still feel a little unclear, no worries, friend.

I’ve got a video for you that details the full pom pom making process.

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