How to measure ingredients in grams for baking

Learning how to measure ingredients, especially dry ingredients, in grams for baking is the single best thing you can do to improve the quality of your finished bakes.

Do you run the other way at the slightest mention of measuring your ingredients in grams for baking? I understand. I was once terrified by the thought of weighing my flour, too. Besides, I thought, how much difference could it really make?

All in One Vanilla cupcakes have everything measured into one mixing bowl together

It all started when I discovered the Great British Bake Off on PBS. I quickly became obsessed with this show and the mighty challenges faced by contestants each week. They were making and baking things I had never heard of using foreign sounding ingredients. And there wasn’t a cup in sight.

They weighed everything. Even baking powder was measured on a scale. I was intrigued and terrified all the same time. What was this witch craft, and how could I do it, too?

Ingredients for Pumpkin Pastries all neatly measured and ready to go

Turns out, it’s actually not difficult to! It’s surprisingly easy to learn how to measure ingredients in grams for baking. The basics are that instead of spooning into a measuring cup, you spoon into a vessel on the scale. You continue to add the ingredient being measured until you achieve the desired weight.

Yes. It’s that simple

No need to fear the food scale. In this video, I will show you exactly what to do. Watch and let me know if you’re ready to make the switch.

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