Small Sewing Room Ideas

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Let’s talk about how I created a sewing space in the corner of a spare bedroom. Then I’ll share my favorite small sewing room ideas with you.

You’ve been sewing for a little while now. Long enough to know that you enjoy it, and you want to keep going. You look forward to weekends so you have uninterrupted (mostly) sewing time. You find yourself looking forward to cutting fabric and winding bobbins more than going out and doing whatever it is we used to do before discovering the wonderful world of sewing.

So while you have fallen in love with this endlessly fascinating new craft, you may not be in love with the clutter it creates.

Like most of us, you embarked on this adventure using that favorite standby, the tried and true dining room table. The ultimate small sewing room.

The olden days of 2018 when I took up sewing again, and in turn, it took over the whole dining room.

Ah yes. The dining room table. Like all romantic tales doomed to a tragic end, it started out wonderful. Just a girl and her sewing machine.

And then the tools out grew their little corner. And the fabric started to accumulate in every chair. Eventually dinner time was spent eating on paper plates in the living room shouting out letters to clueless contestants on Wheel.

And that’s when it happens. Somebody complains. Maybe it’s your husband or maybe it’s the teenager. It’s in that moment you arrive at the the tragic conclusion we all face.

You’re going to have to put every thing away.

Worst of all, now you have to drag everything back out when you want to sew again. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Back when all the chairs were filled with fabric and the dining table was perpetually covered in projects.

And then it’s not fun anymore.

The dragging out and putting away becomes too much trouble and eventually that sewing hobby winds up on Facebook marketplace as a cheap porch pickup. Oh the humanity.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

My dear friend, let’s talk about how you can convert that corner in the guest room, or even a small space in your own bedroom into your very own sewing oasis.

My sewing space is pictured behind me. And yeah, I’m sassy about it.

Let’s talk about small sewing room ideas.

To visit Pinterest, you would think everyone who takes up sewing must also be lottery winners. Who are these people?

An atelier with huge windows, soaring ceilings and chandeliers are nice, but what about something for normal people?

My sewing space. The cutting mat lives on the table and I can move the sewing machine to use that space as needed.

Here’s what you actually need to make your own small sewing room.

  • You need about 5 feet of wall space.
  • You will need a horizontal surface to place your machine and actually do your sewing. I used an old kitchen table that I’ve had for about 30 years. It’s 3′ x 3′ square, and it’s perfect.
  • You will need supply storage.
  • You will need good light. I recommend a crafting light so you can see to sew at night. Or even on cloudy days.
  • You will need at least part of a closet to store away items not used every day. Things like fabric stash, ironing boards and the steam iron.
  • A door with a dead bolt so you can go in there and not be interrupted.
colorful garland used as a separator

I might be kidding about that last bit. But maybe not.

I’ve made a video designed to give you small sewing space ideas so you can figure out something that will work for you.

It’s my actual sewing room, and I did purchase the Ikea pegboard and the crafting cart. They made all the difference in the world for me. You will need to buy a few things to organize yourself, but a little goes a long way. As you will see….

The key to teasing small sewing space ideas into something that works for you is to:

  • Use vertical space. Whatever you can get onto the wall, put it up there. Plus you can see everything and it’s organized.
  • Invest in a storage system designed to wrangle crafts. Fabric and notions require specific storage, so just anything is not going to work. Get something compact and that not only looks nice in your space, it does a good job of keep your stuff straight.
  • Use the space UNDER the table. There’s 9 square feet of space under my table, and I store my second machine and other supplies under there. In a small room, that’s a lot of space, so don’t waste it.
  • Make the investment in good craft lighting. Ottlites cost a little more, but they are daylight balanced. And they are designed for people who craft. You will find you use it even in the day time, unless you are one of those people with the fancy atelier. And if you are, please send the invite to come over for tea and sewing immediately.

Ok Friend. I hope that helps you to feel better about your bite sized sewing space, and that you enjoyed my small sewing room ideas. Know that it is possible to be tiny but mighty, and that you can have an enjoyable space in which to craft. Even if that space is only part of a room. I really am that happy with my set up, and I hope you can find happiness in your sewing space, too.

with love and cupcake, Patty. My signoff for every blog post.

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