21 Things to Sew and Bake for Christmas

While we ALL have our favorites to make during the holidays each year, we generally love trying something new. With that in mind, allow me to share some of my favorites, for the Christmas season! I hope you enjoy 21 Things to Sew and Bake for Christmas and find a new treasure to make and enjoy!

I grew up in the 1970s, so you can imagine how I feel about time traveling back to that interesting era. While it certainly was not a perfect time, there was a spirit of homeyness I don’t believe we possess any more. I think that’s why we’re so drawn to the feelings we get when we see things that are 70s related. Except for maybe the gas lines. 🤣 Even people who weren’t born until much later have feelings of nostalgia when they see those old pictures and projects.

I think part of what makes us love the Christmas season is it makes us nostalgic for simpler times. Those simpler times are well represented in the projects and recipes I’m going to share with you today! Let’s jump in!

21 Things to Sew and Bake for Christmas

brightly colored quilted Christmas stocking

Quilt Block Christmas Stocking

Learn to “hack” any stocking pattern to insert your own 6″ quilt block! Tips and Tricks for color selections and finishing.

Quilted Christmas Tree Pillow

Nothing beats a beautiful quilted pillow. Enjoy this Evergreen Tree version. I love mine so much, I leave it out all year long!

smiling woman holds a pretty quilted pillow
strips of black fabric frame a tree block

Christmas Tree Quilt Block

If you’re looking for a new favorite tree themed quilt block, you’re in luck! Easy to cut and fun to make, this is the same block sewn into the tree pillow in the previous picture.

Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, loves a chocolate dipped Oreo! And with this version, they are so posh looking you can serve them with confidence at any function. Work or church will adore these cookies, and you don’t even have to heat up your kitchen!

two white chocolate dipped oreos with one cut in half to show the inside
chocolate covered nuts on a parchment paper

Nostalgic Nut Clusters

Everyone in the 70s had fabulous nutty treats. These chocolate dipped almond nut clusters are delicious, easy, no bake, and a step back in time!

Viennese Whirls

I love a good British baking show, and that’s where I learned about these. I used a Mary Berry recipe to bake these Viennese Whirls, and I must tell you that these jam and buttercream filled butter cookie sandwiches are the best thing you’ll have all season.

stack of 3 sandwich cookies
hands holding a rounded, quilted zipper pouch project

Quilted Zipper Pouch

A quilted zipper pouch is the quintessential Christmas sewing project. Everyone loves getting them, and they are super fun to make.

Vintage Stuffed Christmas Tree

This sweet little Christmas tree is a true vintage treasure. It’s sewn using a McCalls pattern from the 1980s that I enjoyed sewing as much then as now! If you can’t find this version (they still turn up on etsy and ebay) there are modern versions available. But I think the charm of this little tree is quite special.

A table top fabric Christmas tree sewn in fabric that looks like vintage postage stamps posed with dried flowers and fairy lights
closeup image of the christmas card stitched in simple embroidery stitches on card stock

Star of Wonder Card

I absolutely LOVE embroidery, and doing simple stitches on card stock creates a beautiful, custom card. Hand stitch Christmas cards for the most special people on your list.

Patchwork Christmas Stockings

There are dozens of ways to make panels for Christmas stockings. In this tutorial, I’ll give you specific instructions for making a lined stocking and show you how to create a patchwork fabric for the outer shell.

a patchwork quilted Christmas stocking with stuffed animals peeking out at the top

We’re halfway through the list of 21 things to sew and bake for Christmas!

oreo cookies dipped in chocolate and decorated with a piped Christmas tree and sprinkles

Christmas Oreos

Enjoy another no bake Christmas cookie treat featuring Oreos! This time we are only dipping half the cookie in melted white chocolate and then having some fun with the tree decorations.

I found an official Oreo website so if you are looking for specific flavors or other recipe ideas, you might want to check there.

Traditional Sugar Cookies

If you have the time, nothing beats a beautifully baked and decorated sugar cookie for Christmas. Don’t be overwhelmed by the incredible designs you see all over social media. The same basic tree design I just shared with you on on my no bake Oreo can be used in a larger design on the sugar cookie.

Closeup view of a round Christmas cookie decorated with a Christmas tree and sprinkles
cute dog shaped hand pie

Christmas Hand Pies

Don’t put those cookie cutters away just yet! Use them with store bought pie dough and fillings to create unique hand pies that are perfect for holiday parties AND for gift giving.

Mug Rugs

Using a charm pack, let me show you how I designed a series of mug rugs using Half Square Triangles and zero quilt binding! A fun and easy to sew and quilt project perfect for Christmas sewing and gift giving.

a classic pinwheel block
waterless snow globe with a polar bear, bottle brush trees and fake snow.

Mason Jar Snowglobes

This is one of my all time favorite craft projects!! A Mason Jar Snowglobe really hits that nostalgic chord and it’s a project even small children can help with. It is a glue gun project, and are you even crafting at the holidays without pulling out the glue gun?

Cat and Mouse Christmas

Enjoy free pattern templates to cut and sew a Pocket Kitten, a mouse and a Christmas stocking. A fun felt craft that provides for some simple hand stitching and sewing. There’s also a little glue gunning involved to finish this darling hand sewn felt projectl

Handstitched toy kitten and mouse with a Christmas stocking
Christmas tree napkin styled with a dessert plate standing up in a plate stand

Christmas Tree Napkins

Christmas tree napkins make lovely gifts and they jazz up any holiday table. There is a trick to folding them, and I’ll show you exactly how to do it in this easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial.

Christmas Cupcakes

While cookies are the Go-To treat for Christmas baking, don’t discount the appeal of a pretty cupcake with loads of sprinkles. Easy Christmas cupcakes look elegant, but are simple to make.

hand holding a pretty cupcake
beautiful white cake with miniature deer decorations

Christmas Spice Cake

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a vintage recipe or two. Enjoy a spice cake pulled from my vintage Better Homes and Gardens cookbook (it was my mom’s that she purchased back in the 1960s). It was designed to bake a huge cake, so I sized it down to make a layer cake with two 6″ pans. It’s simply decorated but looks incredibly elegant.

Small Christmas Tree

Embracing simplicity is the name of the game for putting together your own vintage inspired Christmas. I decorated my Norfolk Island Pine with battery operated fairy lights and mini glass ornaments. It was so cute I wanted to share it with you! Simple to make and a fun way to have a live tree for Christmas that continues to grow year after year.

table top Christmas tree
travel cup with hand knit cozy

Easy Knit Coffee Cozy

If you love a good knitting project AND you have friends who love their coffee drinks, consider stuffing the stocking you made for them with a hand knit coffee cozy. Customize them to your friend’s favorite colors and learn a technique for smooth joins when combining colors in a rib knit.

That’s the list of 21 things to Sew and Bake for Christmas!

I hope you found some projects and recipes that inspire you this Christmas! If you can’t tell, I really love the Christmas season. I may not celebrate in an over-the-top way like I did in my younger days, but it’s still my favorite time of year. Christmas sewing and quilting and baking seems extra fun, and I hope you find some joy in what I’ve shared with you today.

As a bonus, if you’re REALLY industrious, you can knit a companion scarf to accompany the coffee cozies for your best friend!

A smiling woman in a purple sweat shirt sits in front of a large quilt

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